• Breakage of electronic components

    The solution !

    Electronic Broker is your privileged partner to manage the ruptures and shortages of electronic components. We offer you reserved stocks for your obsolete or end-of-life references.

  • Optimize your performance

    Cost saving

    Given the current difficult economic conditions, companies are looking for all possible ways to optimize costs. Electronic Broker can provide cost saving solutions that can help you achieve your business goals.

  • Wide range of components


    Electronic Broker is one of the world's leading distributors of electronic components. Our teams research for you H24 the critical components for your business

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Since 2001, Electronic Broker has been one of the most responsive distributors of semiconductors and electronic components to the world’s leading manufacturers. Electronic Broker develops supply chain solutions for customers in many sectors: automotive, telecom, mass market and consumer, industrial, medical, military, aeronautics, test and measurement, wireless and wired…

Why Electronic Broker

Comparative analysis

We source from all over the world offering you the best solutions to obtain competitive prices.


Our global network allows us to quickly locate and ship inventory to any location in the world.


Our engineering team works hard to find effective and innovative solutions to supply chain issues.

Private life

Confidentiality is important to us and allows our clients to spend more time focusing on their business and their projects.


Thanks to our supplier evaluation process and our internal laboratory, our parts are certified and traced.

Multicultural staff

With an international staff of over 20 nationalities, we understand your needs, whatever the language.

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